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  • New graphic design

    New graphic design

    We are pleased to present the new design of our website, designed to offer greater usability and ease of use to our visitors. We have worked to make the site more intuitive and accessible, with a clear and well-organized catalog that allows users to easily find the products they are interested in. Additionally, we have implemented measures to ensure the stability and security of the site, ensuring that it is always available and protected from potential cyber threats.

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  • EIMA 2016

    EIMA 2016

    We are present at the prestigious EIMA International 2016 event, taking place in Bologna from November 9th to 13th. This international exhibition of agricultural machinery provides a unique opportunity for us to showcase our cutting-edge products designed for a rapidly evolving technological sector.

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  • New rubber in the catalogue, EPDM PEROX

    New rubber in the catalogue, EPDM PEROX

    EPDM rubbers (from the English Ethylene-Propylene Diene Monomer) are a family of synthetic rubbers of group M according to the DIN/ISO 1629 and ASTM D 1418-19 classification. Group M includes elastomers that contain polymethylene-type polymer chains without unsaturations (double or triple bonds).

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