Elite Gomma international SRL was established and developed gradually, exclusively in the rubber molding industry and aims to be a reliable Partner of its customers and their requirements.
The development area of our company is about 10,000 square meters, divided into production department, warehouse, technical and quality department and administrative offices. The production department is composed by several lines with injection and compression machines from 80 to 500 Ton. Our warehouse is able to handle, easily, any Kanban of our consolidated customers and we can meet every request within 48 hours.
We also have grinding and deburring facilities in-house. In recent years, Elite Gomma, thanks to a gradual and constant growth, has positioned itself among the leaders in the rubber-plastic sector, supplying its customers with both catalog items such as balls, paint protections, support feet, and technical items designed by third parties. The commercial sectors we supply are Automotive, Fitness, Pumps and water treatment, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Pharmaceutical, Agricultural in general.

Historical background

For more than 35 years, Elite Gomma international SRL has been producing balls for a variety of applications, we have a wide range of sizes with our own injection, compression and transfer molds, and we are able to produce a final product with perfectly smooth surfaces and in decimal tolerance. Over the years and also thanks to the cooperation of ENGEL Austria, we have developed a high-performance production system with very high quality standards that allow us to satisfy the most demanding customers such as those in the Automotive field.

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